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Frens Conference Services (PCO)
Quality conference services since 1991

Frens Conference Services has been active in conference organisation since its foundation in 1991. During that time we have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of conferences, especially with scientific and medical events.

Frens is your one-stop-conference-shop in Estonia. Our offices in Tallinn and Tartu offer a wide selection of professional conference services for organizing scientific association congresses and conferences as well as for governmental meetings and corporate events. We are ready to handle all practical arrangements from venue selection and budgetary planning to the completion of a final report.

Combining the extensive experience of our team of professionals with the best local know-how and variety of reliable partners, Frens will find the best solutions according to the goals, needs and budget of your event. Attention given to the smallest detail ensures top quality in every aspect.


20.06-6.07.2013 The 56th IAVS Symposium, Tartu 440 delegates

23-24.08.2013 XIV Forum Ophthalmologicum Balticum, Tallinn, 400 delegates

24-27.08.2013 The 22nd Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference, Pärnu, 160 delegates

18-21.09.2013 19th SIETAR Europa Congress, Tallinn, 110 delegates

23-24.10.2013 Climate from the Nordic-Baltic perspective: science, policy and economy, Tallinn, 240 delegates

27-29.11.2013 International SOL Days, Tallinn, 150 delegates

14-16.05.2014 EWME 2014, Tallinn, 65 delegates

8-11.06.2014 Baltic DB&IS 2014, Tallinn, 65 delegates

10-14.08.2014 Forest landscape mosaics: disturbance, restoration and management at times of global change, Tartu, 130 delegates

17-19.09.2014 IOI Europe Conference “Ombudsman’s Role in a Democracy”, Tallinn, 120 delegates

1.10.2014 eu-LISA Conference “Smart Borders: Faster and Safer Way to Europe”, Tallinn, 140 delegates


in Tallinn:
Frens Conference Services
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in Tartu:
Frens Conference Services
Ülikooli 6a, 51003 Tartu
Tel: +372 7 309 738
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